Local Meetings

A Course in Miracles Weekly Meetings – a practice of Pure Non-Dualism
The Meetings are Non-religious
we do not practice any religion’s beliefs
because religions usually believe in dualism – subject and object – twoness
We are very thankful to the Unity Churches
for allowing us to use their classrooms!

TUESDAY NIGHTS:  7:00 – 8:30pm.  Unity of Melbourne at 2401 N Harbor City Blvd., Melbourne, Fl. 32935.

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS:  6:30-8:00 pm.  Unity of Merritt Island.   As of January 2020, the church moved to a new location at 210 North Tropical Trail, Merritt Island, Fl 32953.  FYI  THE LAST A COURSE IN MIRACLES MEETING AT UNITY OF MERRITT ISLAND WILL BE FEBRUARY 26, 2020.


For Unity of Melbourne Group – as you face the church on the right side it says Student Entrance.  Enter thru these doors, walk straight ahead to first door on the left. (sometimes we have a different room we meet in. If the room location changes, I put a note on the glass door explaining how to get to the new room.)

For Unity of Merritt Island  turn on to Tangerine and you will see the church on the left with parking on the left.  Enter through the double front  doors.

For each group there is a $5 Love Offering for each Church to compensate them for utilities. I take no money to facilitate the groups.

With faith, determination and a lot of willingness, each person practices the daily Course work book lessons and applies them to what shows up in front of their face.  By practicing true forgiveness, turning your day over to Holy Spirit to be in charge (guide me what to do or say) and doing Jesus’s mediation five minutes in the morning and evening, you can undo the thoughts of separation from God & your brothers & sisters to experience Peace 24/7 and awaken from the dream of separation from God to be aware of only Oneness of Spirit.  Oneness is clear invisible God light where God, Holy Spirit and all people are One in that light.  You are immortal spirit which is love and light living in God’s Mind with all your brothers and sisters as One.   The ego Jesus talks about in the Course is not the ego of Freud but the thoughts that you and your brothers and sisters are bodies separate from God with distinct personalities or separate souls.

 We use the combined version of A Course in Miracles which is published by Foundation For Inner Peace. I sell the books wholesale for $25. The regular price is $35.  You can go on amazon or ebay and buy used books. JUST MAKE SURE YOU PURCHASE THE BOOK THAT IS THE COMBINED VERSION PUBLISHED BY FOUNDATION FOR INNER PEACE in California. There are other versions of the course, but they are not the authentic one approved by the scribe Helen Schucman –  Helen Cohn Schucman was an American clinical psychologist and research psychologist. She was a professor of medical psychology at Columbia University in New York from 1958 until her retirement in 1976.  The author of the Course is Jesus.  He believed the world was now ready to hear the truth that he taught when he seemed to be on earth instead of the mistruths which have been written about him.

The group meeting consists of:

  • I lead the group in meditation using Jesus’s meditation from the Course.
  • I remind the group what true forgiveness means and we practice true forgiveness. Where each person silently goes around the room and looks at each person Or with eyes closed and says to each person:  “All of it.” or says silently to each person:  “You are spirit, whole, pure and innocent.   All is forgiven and released.”   Each person can say to themselves:  “I am immortal spirit. This body is a false image and has nothing to do with what I am.”     FYI, I have handouts which I give out. One covers what true forgiveness is and another lists the three major ways of undoing the false egoic thought system so that Holy Spirit, the Voice for God, can be heard.
  • Each person draws a truth statement (taken from the Course) from a box of small cards.  The statement always seems to fit what each person needs to hear for that day.
  • Each person takes turn reading from the Course with me explaining what it means. If a person does not want to read they do not have to.
  • I bring up one of the lessons from the Work Book section in the Course and explain it.
  • Each person can ask questions and comment and share how they practiced true forgiveness during the week or bring up how they were thinking egoic thoughts (felt angry, sad, depressed, worried, etc.) about a person, situation, etc.  and decided to ask Holy Spirit to help them see things differently.  This is what a miracle is – changing your mind from seeing a person as a body to thinking about them as spirit. A miracle is a change from false perception to true perception. You still seem to live in the world and can take vitamins, visit the doctor, drink alcohol, have sex, etc. but you learn to see these mortal things as a movie, an illusion or dream or hallucination and replace egoic thoughts with Holy thoughts and think of each person as a Holy Son of God.  Your awareness shifts where you can watch or observe the movie or dream with the false images (dream figures including your own body being in the movie or dream) from above your head in a different dimension where your real Immortal Spirit lives in the Great Ray connected to God.

Due to the complexity of the Course, consider reading the book Disappearance of the Universe written by Gary Renard. It explains the Course in a simplified fashion. I sell the book wholesale for $15 or it can be purchased off ebay, amazon, etc.

PS: Thank you Jesus for A Course in Miracles. And thank you Holy Spirit for Gary Renard and his books, because without them I would not understand the Course and know what true forgiveness is.   And I would not know to practice true forgiveness on everything that shows up in front of my face!  (look beyond/past the body to the immortal spirit each person is).