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Great Ray Experience Glenda had January 5, 2020

A few weeks prior to my videoing this Great Ray Experience, I had noticed the Sun was vibrating when I would look at it. Because of the intensity of the vibration I decided to video the sun. Bear in mind the sun is symbolic of God Light. Because the sun was so bright, I could not look at the phone screen to actually see what was being filmed. My comments are based on me seeing the inside of my Great Ray or shaft or column of light that was emitting from the Sun which is not shown in the video. The inside of my Great Ray was extending like a long tube from the sun directly to the front of my face. The inside of my Great Ray had vibrating concentric red circles with the center being a solid white light changing from solid white to blue to white. Holy Spirit said when a person seems to die and then returns and says they saw a tunnel with a white light at the end, what they were seeing was the inside of their own Great Ray.

When you watch the video, please watch it to the end because the Great Rays emitting from it show up best around 7:49, 9:06, 9:51 and 10:00. Like I said I could not see the screen to realize I should have moved my phone up to film the top of the sun better where you could see the Great Rays with a bulbous end on each one better. So there are certain parts of the video that show the Great Rays better. Also I do not know what the white looking glob is that leaves the Sun and then returns to the Sun. Plus there is a small green object that comes and goes which I do not know what it is either.

I emailed this video to Cindy and Gary Renard and asked them what they thought the video showed. Cindy replied: “The sun in your video does look like it’s emitting great rays, and perhaps you were given a nice vision to share with all of us! Again, it’s symbolic of the beautiful Light we all are. Thanks for sharing!”