Glenda’s Bio

Hello ACIM Enthusiasts,

Because I know the diligent practicing of true forgiveness, turning your day over to Holy Spirit and doing Jesus’s meditation five minutes in the morning and night, can result in the release of your inner light,  I am setting up this web site to share truths from A Course in Miracles and steps I have used which resulted in the release of my inner light and my knowing of the Great Rays.  I am doing this in hopes that something I could say or write can assist others to take back control of their mind to release their inner light.

A bit about me. I co-owned a business with my husband for over 35 years here in central Florida. We manufactured and shipped building kits  into 47 states and 13 foreign areas.  After my husband’s passing, I closed the business in November 2018 to retire and dedicate my life to the teaching of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) truths.  I have studied the Course since 2004.  Since 2013 I have facilitated the Course various places here in central Florida.  Currently I facilitate a weekly Tuesday night ACIM group at Unity of Melbourne from 7 – 8:30pm.

In 2014 as an answer to a request I made to Holy Spirit “How will I ever accept the oneness of all my brothers & sisters into my Mind”, he immediately gave me the image of Gary Renard’s book Disappearance of the Universe.  This book explains A Course in Miracles in linear fashion allowing the quicker understanding of the Course.

Because of this book I learned what true forgiveness was and started the practice of saying “All of It” to whatever showed up in front of my face.  With determination and persistence I continued practicing true forgiveness daily and in March of 2019, my spark of light was released.  10 days later the Great Ray experience started.  The Great Ray experience continues almost nightly to this day.  Where the Great Ray extends into my mind and then extends out of my mind to God.  This purification process allows me to be aware of perfect oneness during the extension process and some times during the day.

I look forward to sharing knowledge from A Course in Miracles to assist each of you in its better understanding.

Blessings to all, Glenda